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Located within Momentum Chiropractic at Golds Gym in Manassas VA

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About Us

Northern Va Massage has joined a gym! You do not need to be a member. We're now located within Momentum Chiropractic in Golds Gym, Manassas Va. In selecting our new location, we've completed the well rounded healthy experience for our clients. Come workout, train with our professionals, get a massage, get an adjustment with our Chiropractor on site, enjoy a warm tan, and sip on a fresh protein smoothie at the juice bar, and if that wasn't enough, we even offer child care! We're so excited to offer you all these amenities and still provide you with the luxurious ambiance that we used to. You will experience a blend of techniques to get the most out of your treatment for your specific needs. Each massage is customized with extra focus on selected problem areas. Allow yourself the time to relax. Take a break from reality and let someone take care of you for a change. Check out our Rates and Specials page for more details.

We've lowered our prices for you to $75/ hour session! Visit us in our new location and mention our website "introductory offer" to receive an additional $10 off! 

Ask how we can bill your insurance. Call right away if you are involved in a car accident!

I'm Alicia O'Donnell. I am the Owner, Operator and primary Therapist of Northern Virginia Massage. I have been practicing for 20 years. Licensed in Medical Massage, I have a compassionate  touch and a casual personality. I use techniques ranging from clinical to deep relaxation. I can treat common injuries and postural distortions over a period of time with a treatment plan. I understand the importance of listening to your needs and the value of client/therapist bonding. I welcome you to my Practice in hopes you will find the answers you need, the therapist you are seeking, and the care you deserve.




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